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you shouldn't be here

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but you know what? i like your style

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go ahead, take a look around. just don't get too cozy, ok?





Another child was brought in today after a search and rescue effort. Her parents are nowhere to be found, no documents either. They're still searching the area for anything that might indicate living relatives, but there isn't much hope. The whole town was practically razed when the Quetzalcoatl program revolted. God was looking out for her; she was found shivering under a mattress. She must have a great purpose in His plan.
The doctors have estimated she's about two years old. For now, we're calling her ██████. She's too scared to tell us her name and just keeps asking for her parents. I don't blame her, the poor thing.
Romans 8:28: "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose."
>██████ ███████
>AGE: █
>HEIGHT: ████
>WEIGHT: ████
>HAIR COLOR: █████
>EYE COLOR: █████
>SKIN: █████
>NOTABLE FEATURES: ██████████████
██████ was last seen with members of the Los Muertos gang. She appeared unharmed. No ransom has been requested.
We have made the difficult decision to pause intake for the foreseeable future. Our walls are full and we do not have the resources to care for more children. We are unable to accommodate further orphaned children, and we will no longer be pursuing missing child cases. We put our trust in God to watch over them and we trust in His plan for His children.
Jeremiah 29:11: "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope."
GLORIA INIGUEZ has retired today after receiving a generous sum of money from a proclaimed "distant relative." We thank her for her service to the Lord and his children.
James 1:17-18: "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows."

>hola :)



Name: ██████ ███████ ooh let's just get rid of THAT real quick
Age: 30 i am either 25 or 67, haven't decided yet
Notable Physical Features: Multiple body modifications and cybernetics, scarred eyebrows, mole under left eye. it's a beauty mark???
Alright, this should be secure, at least for now. It'll be a few minutes before she sees it.
From my research and footage gathered from the warehouse, I've compiled this knowledge of her abilities:
Sombra is a heavily altered individual, though there are no records from any established biohackers on any of the modifications she has. I believe these modifications were obtained underground or somebody has been paid a substantial amount to risk their certifications performing them.
She has alterations throughout most of her body, primarily her spine and brain, as well as numerous subdermal implants that I believe are spread throughout most, if not all of her body. I think- should it come to it again- her spine and neck would be an exploitable weak point, assuming she is able to be caught. Not everyone carries around a pocket-sized black hole generator.
While we're on the topic, I've witnessed a fight with her firsthand. She's quick and difficult to pin down, but she's also able to deal a fair bit of damage if backed into a corner. She carries a short-range semi-auto machine pistol and wields it with confidence.
She's capable of very quickly hacking anything, including sentient beings. Omnics and humans alike. Nearly all humans have some sort of alterations today, and a not-insignificant portion of the population has prosthetics she can tap into. She can hack anybody in a matter of seconds without so much as touching them.
She's a dangerous foe when you can't see her. I would argue she may be even more dangerous when you can. She's not to be trifled with.
Sombra, when you read this, don't let it go to your head.



Sombra Origin Trailer

This girl is crazy. Swear to god, she's insane. But she's also a genius.
She found me through word-of-mouth, like all my clientele. I guess she used to run with Los Muertos. Thing is, she did her research before showing up. Said she knew about what LumériCo did to me and ████████ and that she was going up against Portero. Brought me blueprints, too, knew exactly what she wanted and how to do it but needed an extra set of hands and someone to handle the majority of the fab work.
It was incredibly dangerous. Still is. I'm still not sure how she talked me into it. There was cash, sure, but I don't think I would have done it if she hadn't shown me the dirt she had on LumériCo.

As far as the tech goes it's solid work, she does good stuff, I was worried about her... cyber-security? I guess? But I don't foresee it being an issue.Thing is, even with all the protective covering I've laid over the exposed alterations, she's going to be pretty vulnerable physically. A good hit in the right place would have her down pretty quick. She seems like a girl who has enemies, especially if she's going after LumériCo, so I hope for her sake that she prefers wireless over ethernet.

  • Enhancement of major joints (neck, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles) preventing wear

  • Spinal hardware inlay (adaptation components) allowing for full-body integration and continued upgrades

  • Skull hardware inlay (core network components) allowing for physical/wireless internal/external connections

  • Installation of universal connector socket at base of neck allowing for external physical connections in the event of remote connection loss

  • Graft of protective plating on spine

  • Graft of protective plating on skull

  • Lens alteration and connection allowing for visual UI overlay

commissioned from hypoel



Name: Ẹ̀ṣà Ladipo
Department: Cyberintelligence Investigations
Date of Incident: Ongoing
Location of Incident: Numbani
Description of Incident:
On ██/██/████, notably Numbani's Unity Day, Numbani Airport was attacked by Akande Ogundimu. Witness Efi Oladele reported that his attack was precedented by the appearance of a connection labeled "344X-Azúcar," which we have found was connected to the airport's security system prior.Further investigation has found that this connection is the same network involved in a city-wide attack on Numbani's omnic population. This attack compromised the security of every omnic within Numbani's limits, causing malfunctions, injuries, and heightened tensions between humans and omnics.Reported incidents:
-Famed omnic artist Agba Aja was victim to an attack during the grand opening of her art exhibit, causing her to lash out violently and slash several of her own paintings before being subdued by museum guards.
-██████ ██████████, a teacher of children aged 7 years to 10 years, reports all systems were overridden. Walk cycle was activated and left on until he was removed from the classroom and received support. This incident caused panic within his students, discomfort from parents, and physical damage. A second teacher in the same wing, ██████ ███, was reported missing after silently walking out of the classroom mid-sentence.
-Multiple civilian reports of a still unidentified omnic tour bus driver ignoring traffic signals, endangering citizens.
-████-███ reports limb movement was disabled, resulting in a chain car collision and damage of public property leading to a perceived attack on cultural values.
-Multiple reports of optic functions being tampered with, all stating that humans were unable to be seen. All victims were shopkeepers, resulting in perceived targeted discrimination of human customers. On ██/██/████, a large fight broke out, resulting in multiple arrests and injuries. Victims also report the incident caused distrust in their businesses and loss of revenue.
The most useful report we have gotten thusfar was also from Efi Oladele, who witnessed an incident at an Axiom Electronics loading bay. Witness states that an omnic began ramming a forklift into the main building, seeming unconcerned by his actions, and continued this multiple times. Witness states that other omnics in the area began acting strangely as well, such as repeatedly dropping boxes labeled 'fragile.'
Witness reports that upon running a search for wireless signals, private connections for individual omnics were also available for connection, leaving them vulnerable to foreign connections. Witness was able to intervene and override the errors, but stated that the code she witnessed seemed to be self-replicating and dangerous, built to automatically pass between omnics not unlike a human virus.
Witness also states seeing a "woman with magenta cybernetic implants on one side of her head... she threw something outside the bay door, and the next second, she was gone." [1]
Witness reports the "344X-Azúcar" signal was also present and believes this was the source of the attacks.

[1] "The Hero of Numbani" by Nicky Drayden, pg. 112



>//it's about damn time he pressed that stupid button
>//ugh, he's still gonna need a boost.

>//what a wakeup call, huh?
>//hope she doesn't freeze to death, but i have a feeling she'll figure it out.






"Mr. Portero,I have conveyed the contents of our latest discussion with the executive directors and they are all in agreement in principle on the framework for a deal. Of course there will be a lot of discussion and communication in the coming days, but I am optimistic that we can reach a mutually beneficial understanding.I understand your concerns over the recent press about our Rio de Janeiro development, however I can assure you that this is just a blip on the radar and that we are taking care of it. And of course, we are more than happy to keep our negotiations private until such time that you feel comfortable in discussing them with the public. And of course, we are more than happy to assist with smoothing over any conflicts that might come up in opposition of our proposals.Sincerely,Sanjay"

aww, look at you two. peas in a pod!good to know.

"Guillermo,I have realised the bank transfer as it was requested for the Juárez case. The funds were sent by the Dorado Bank account through Monaco. The funds should be available starting tomorrow.I will make sure to have Jiménez informed about the communication and details related to this transaction.Manuel"

now to find out who 'informed' jiménez. even if they only spoke in person, the middle man is always the weakest link.

keep an eye on these locations
no pun intended

LumériCo was founded with a mission, to provide México with a modern web infrastructure through clean energy and internet access for the whole country at an affordable price. We provide our services to communities countrywide and we are committed to ensure the connection to all people. We work everyday to bring our national network to additional areas of the country.
About Guillermo Portero
Guillermo Portero, a hero who directed the company during the Omnic Crisis, was voted president of México shortly before the end of the crisis, and he committed himself into rebuilding the heavily damaged infrastructure of the country. After his presidence, Portero founded LumériCo to continue the work he started during the leadership of his country. Under his term, LumériCo has continued its progress toward his goal to build a more modern and successful México.

We have received a series of reports about a brief service outage. Our technicians are investigating these incidents.
King Guillermo Portero of LumériCo cordially invites his loyal servants to participate in his coronation and to celebrate his infinite greed and treason toward the people of México. We have coordinated the publication of info that demonstrates that Portero is a viper, that has for a long time stolen the riches of our country for his own wealth. He has corrupted our government, turned our siblings into beggars, and he won’t stop until he controls the whole country. But we, Los Muertos, won’t tolerate the celebration of his reign of corruption. We’ll demonstrate to our new conquerors who will take the reins of the future of our country! On November 1st, we’ll dethrone the King Viper and we’ll celebrate the recovery of our home.
We have received reports about omnic customers suffering little service interruptions, including the possible transmission of a strange sound. We don’t have further info to report at this time, but we continue investigating the cause of this matter.
THE EL DORADO PLANT WILL LAUNCH SERVICES ON NOVEMBER 1stWith the conclusion of inspections and final security approvals, November 1st has been determined as the launch date of the LumériCo nuclear plant. All residents of El Dorado and nearby zones (see service map for further details) will be automatically transferred to the new system with the fees previously announced. To commemorate this moment, LumériCo will host an event the same day with the presence of president Guillermo Portero. More details will be revealed soon.Welcome to LumériCo News! Now you can read more relevant news about LumériCo at this website!

Good job, friends. I would not have done it without your help. Anyway, I got the resources needed for my next hit - you'll love it.
Expect to hear from me in the coming days...
I'm going to send something to thank you ... Hopefully you can use it.



"human built, piloted by humans." propaganda? lying? noooo, never

target is katya volskaya, founder and chair of volskaya industries, divorced, close to porterostrong anti-omnic sentiment, though it's possible it's performative, given her recent recreational ventures...for shame, mijita, always keep your hood up!

omnic identity unknown, standard generic model, plus sign array. doesn't line up with null-sec, but it's not off the table.

svyatogor core is omnic tech, source unknown

push vialli towards hit mission?update: contact made succesfully
keep in touch <3

Anastasia Volskaya, age 10

divorced parents, mommy doesn't have enough time for her but still wants her approval
not only would volskaya be shunned if the information got out, her daughter would strongly resent her
good leverage








genji shimada, approximately 35 years old, mostly cybernetic body as a result of losing three limbsgrew up in the shimada clan but wasn't a big fan of doing crimes, so he partied instead, the clan hated fun so they sent his brother to kill him about ithe died but he got betteroverwatch fixed him in exchange for his help eliminating the shimada clan, which is pretty messed up of them, and then they enrolled him in their secret hit squadhe was coerced into agreeing to have an automatic shuriken loadout in his arm and then on top of that they made him work with cassidy every day, so understandably he had some anger issuesafter the venice incident where bartalotti learned what "defenestration" means, blackwatch was disbanded and he was moved to an overwatch strike team. he was part of the group that apprehended maximilien. good for himafter overwatch was shut down he went off the grid for a good bit, spent some time in nepal with the shambali, and i guess they have a pretty good therapy program because he seems a lot more chill now. some of you could take some notes



march, 20xx
april, 20xx
may, 20xx



(genji is @ryuubushin, reaper is @theshadowmoves, tracer is @blinkinmad, widowmaker is @idwidowmaker)

march, 20xx
this is so stupid.
i'm writing in a diary about a boy like i'm 12 years old and hoping he walks past me at the lunch table
thing is, i don't know if i actually like him or not. you know, like like him? since we're going full middle school with this.
i don't do this. i haven't done this. i'm not sure if i'm actually doing this or if i'm so far deep into conning an overwatch agent into liking me that i've almost convinced myself it's real, and now i'm stuck here questioning it.
i do like him. differently. but there's so much to gain from him, too. info on overwatch, blackwatch, the shambali, the shimada clan- he's connected to so much, and people have been using him for his whole life.
i don't want to use him. at least, i don't think i do, but using people is what i do.
but doesn't everybody?
if i am using him, is that so bad?
he doesn't seem to mind it. he knows what he's gotten himself into. well, he knows enough, and i'm deep enough in my own shit that he knows better than to put a label on anything. smart of him, really.
i don't know. i like being with him. i don't want to get any sappier than i already have, but damn, it's nice to be held, you know? to have someone that likes you, and not because you're dangling blackmail over their head. he's genuine. i don't get genuine often. everybody's got an agenda, and his is just... just being happy. existing. he wants to help people, he wants to make amends for the things he feels responsible for, and he wants to make me happy.
how did i fool him into wanting that?
april, 20xx
he took me on a beach vacation because i told him i hadn't been on vacation in a looong time. he said he would watch my back so i wouldn't have to look over my shoulder. i don't know if i can stop looking over my shoulder, but... i might learn to. because we're dating.
i don't know the last time i dated someone. i don't think i ever have, actually. ugh, i'm thirty, this is so stupid.
...but it's kind of nice to have someone watching my back.
may, 20xx
well that lasted an entire week.
i had a mission to get my hands on the latest and greatest of the tech world, and he had a mission to stop me. we talked about this before. well, sort of. we agreed i would just hack him and we would both move on with our lives, and nobody in overwatch or talon would know any better.
and then athena gave him a security patch! ugh, come on! i'll have a way around it in no time at all, but it didn't really help when he had me nabbed.
i wasn't going to shoot him- not that i'd have gotten a chance, anyways- so i figured i'd let him hand me over to good guys inc and then i'd just leave whenever i got bored of watching them try to figure out how to interrogate a prisoner nicely.
and then gabe showed up and knocked genji around. broke his ribs, genji blew his own arm up, you know, everyday stuff! honestly, genji probably would have died if i hadn't stolen athena's drones to distract reaper long enough for genji to get out.
it was sloppy. the whole thing was. i got the tech, that was fine, but reaper's definitely suspicious. it's not good.
reaper cornered me in a plane and threatened me but in the end he seemed cool with it. i don't understand any of you bitches
okay i guess tracer knows now? we were on a Romantic Trip and she showed up to confront him on having a crush on Sombra, From The Sombra Collective, and then he got kidnapped and we had a team up episode and saved him
now ames knows too. i hate this place



what a piece of work.gabriel reyes, former overwatch/blackwatch, approximately 58 years old
legally dead. technically dead. physically dead.
the only reason he's still kicking is because moira worked her magic on him and now every cell in his body is dying and regenerating constantly.likely not unrelated, he was the 24th iteration of the soldier enhancement program in america. from what i can figure they were testing regen abilities on him, and it came back and bit him in the ass with a bunch of cancer.

lucky for him, o'deorain just so happened to publish her work on cellular alteration around the same time gabe was having issues. lucky her. almost like it wasn't a coincidence. freaky, right?




ugh, this bitch.moira o'deorain, talon councilmember, oasis minister of genetics, former blackwatch, approximately three million 48 years oldpublished a research paper that got her raked over the coals by the scientific community, because nobody could replicate her work and it was fairly shady in nature to begin withreyes hired her onto blackwatch to help with his issues stemming from the SEP gunk left in his body, she thought it would be funny to turn him into an eternally half-dead smoke monster instead. good for her i guessshe turned herself into a fully-alive smoke monster, and i'm not sure which is the stable version. she's not constantly in pain but her hand is pretty gross, so it's possible she's just slowed down the inevitable.anyways, i trust her as far as i can throw her.

i'm not going to pretend to understand this paper, but it's what got her in the door in blackwatch. my suspicion is that she was aware of reyes's condition and published something that she knew would cause an uproar in order to get his attention.

here's her as a kid because nothing embarrasses this woman




amélie lacroix née guillardwidowmakerevery time i go into her files i strongly consider burning this place to the ground. jesus christanyways. amélie made the unfortunate decision to marry gérard. when talon couldn't take him out they kidnapped his wife and conditioned her into killing him on their behalfthey couldn't just settle for that, so they brought her back in and turned her into the perfect killing machine.o'deorain's given her a resting heart rate of 2bpm, a resistance to cold temperatures, and a lack of emotions. it's all very freaky

that's fucked uphello? she was a civvie ballerinayou're all horrendous people. mostly o'deorain though.



aleksandra zaryanova
(Александра Зарянова)
russian soldier, body builder, 28 years old, hired by volskaya to hunt me down and... well, i assume intimidate me, because i'm still heregrew up in remote siberia, dedicated her life to weightlifting, dropped out of the summer games to head to the frontline when omnics attacked her homeabsolute unquestioning loyalty to authority, even when they do dealings with omnics

her record is 512kg. she carries a particle cannon that she ripped off of a tank in the middle of a's her workout, i guess? dios mio, the stuff i find on people when i'm putting together files for them.but also, like, SHEESH, right?



jean-baptiste agustin, aka the only bitch around here that i respect36 years old, joined the carribean coalition, then was recruited by talon.
killing civilians isn't for everyone, so he deserted during the monte cristo hit on the playa cartel four years back. mauga let him go but he's been pretty pissy about it since.
everyone talon sends after him dies AND THEY KEEP DOING IT ANYWAYS??? leave him alone damn, cuerva never came back either

update: so nguyen's insisting on going after baptiste. again. qué idiota.
i'll keep an eye on things.

update 2: guess who got in touch! he's worried about ziegler, isn't that cute.
hopefully i can keep talon off his back for a little while longer, but if he's going to start playing hero it's going to be more difficult.



OFFICIAL REPORT RE: LIEUTENANT AUGUSTIN██/██/████Reporting Agent: ██████
Recommendation: ABORT PURSUIT
It is currently ██:██PM on █████████ ████ and I am recommending no further resources be wasted on tracking down Lieutenant Augustin. He clearly has no desire to return. Nguyen's retrieval of Cuerva's logs proves my point; the whole team is now considered KIA. How many agents are we going to throw away for one deserter? It doesn't make tactical sense. I understand trying to make a point, but clearly Lieutenant Augustin does as well.The Sainclair job went extremely poorly. I'm amazed those two came back. Another reason to avoid pursuit. When left alone he minds his own business and doesn't meddle in Talon affairs. If he were actively working against Talon's interests, then maybe this report would be different.Sainclair's announced that he'll be donating supplies to local clinics. I highly doubt it's a coincidence. I'll set up surveillance on the whole situation, but I think it best we let this play out before going after Sainclair again. Let him sweat for a while. When he's comfortable again, we can set up another operation, this time without Augustin.

📃news files





(omnic crisis, founding of overwatch, blackwatch, fall of overwatch, return of overwatch)

Sombra ARG- 2016

Efi, Orisa, and Doomfist- Feb-July 2017

Uprising- Archives 2017


White Dome- Brigitte, Feb 2018

Retribution/Blackwatch- Archives 2018

Storm Rising- Archives 2019

Echo Reveal



with a body like mine, i've gotten the opportunity to learn about omnic culture in an extremely unique way. i'm gathering what i've learned here.(i like robots a lot so here's my headcanons on omnic culture. i won't push these on you if you're writing an omnic character, but feel free to steal this stuff)

Omnics are given a designation when assembled. Typically, an omnic will use their designation until they feel the desire to pick their own name from peer pressure or nicknames given to them by others.
When omnics first became commonplace, many were given "friendly" designations for better optics, such as B.O.B for a Bodyguard omnic. Most domestic omnics are given a designation rooted in the work they've been assigned, containing things like a shortform label of their work, the batch number they're assembled in, the year, etc.
After the "awakening," designations are generally frowned upon by both humans and omnics, though it's typically considered insensitive and rude of humans to inquire as to why an omnic is still using a given designation.
Some omnic rights groups have pushed the idea that designations should be embraced, while others have advocated for a ban on giving omnics designations at all. The generally-accepted sentiment is that designations are necessary, but should be avoided for anything other than part replacement once an omnic has chosen their name.

Body Type
The omnic you'll see in your day-to-day life is typically referred to as a 'domestic' omnic. This dates back to when omnics started being built to replace humans; first the omnic clerk would help you find things in a grocery store, then the omnic nurse would take your vitals before an appointment, then the omnic nanny would raise your child for you.
People didn't want their children to be raised by harsh lines and squares and rectangles, they wanted the person raising their child to look like them. (Not too much like them- humans reached uncanny valley back in the 2010s when they built Sophia, and they turned back.)
Where you find harsh lines and boxes, you'll find omnics that are perceived as unfriendly. Some have been shunned for decades, and the crisis didn't make anything better for them. Some of them are built for militaries or God AI to take and use as they see fit, and some are built to make an assembly line go faster. With the prominence of groups like Null-Sec, most of the good ones just keep their heads down.

Many omnics have some sort of biolighting. Head-lighting is extremely common, especially in domestic models.
Originally intended simply to indicate whether an omnic was active or not. Still applies, but they have become a part of omnic culture and are built with more of a focus on aesthetics- lighting can be anywhere on an omnic’s body. Optics are often lit to match the rest of the biolighting.
(“If an omnic is a bad guy, they will have red lighting - the evil colour.” -Belle, 12/23/2020)
Coloring is generally pre-built, with light blue being the most common, though can be changed as easily as swapping a bulb. Biolights are considered a form of fashion and communication.
LEDs that change color are common, but the method in which they change usually depends on the individual. Many omnics have used lighting to make up for a lack of facial expressions, connecting light displays to things like emotion, enthusiasm, or awareness.
Lighting intensity is used in a similar manner, though some models are wired in such a way that strong surges of emotion will alter lighting intensity as a default.
Mismatched lighting is common in punk and alt communities, and some omnic communities will disable their lighting entirely in times of mourning.

Some omnics won't feel plating-level touch, but nowadays most have a steady stream of information letting them know what is being touched where. Humans have the same thing- we just call it a nervous system. The difference between an omnic and a human in this aspect is that omnics can turn off this stream of information. It is discouraged and requires an override in their systems, but some omnics will do so when in severe pain.
Under the surface, most wiring is hidden and won't see the light of day, let alone feel touch. That being said, it isn't uncommon for wires to be exposed at the neck, shoulders, thighs, etc. Touching a wire wouldn’t trigger a physical feeling unless an omnic is modified for it to do so, however, a light tug can send a warning that a wire is about to disconnect.

Wired Connection
A physical connection between two omnics.
Old-fashioned information transfer, not always actual wires, can be any sort physical connection- more recent omnics are able to communicate/energize/charge other omnics by placing hands on them.
Omnics do have various input/outputs but it’s super dependant on what their model is, if they’re domestic or built for a specific job, etc.
There are universal connections and adaptors, omnics that often need to connect to others physically for one reason or another have adaptive hardlight connections.
It is commonplace for omnics to connect physically and is seen almost anywhere. Coffee shops, schools, the workplace. This is used for a number of reasons, anything from a file transfer to an energy boost, to more intimate activities.
Omnics can send each other data packets meant to stimulate a pleasure response. This, again, can vary from omnic to omnic regarding what form that takes. Some omnics are built to receive a pleasure response from completing a task, some are built to receive more personal responses, and there are many aftermarket mods to change pleasure receptors. These pleasure responses and the sending and reception can be altered in many ways for intimacy. Feedback loops are often initiated intentionally to overwhelm participants in a pleasant way and force a reboot.

A sort of bubble that conveys intent, emotion, and thought.
Omnics can intentionally pull their field closer to them to prevent other omnics from interpreting them. It’s polite to keep it close when out and about. Having your field out in the open in a crowd is the equivalent of someone shouting every thought they’re having.
Fields can mingle. The more your field overlaps with another, the more intimate the connection is. Two fields touching is a conversation. Two intentionally overlapping is like hand-holding. Two fields layered practically over each other are hot and heavy.
Small bursts of information can be sent between fields, though not enough for a full conversation. This is more akin to a pat on the shoulder, a wave, or a shrug.
Heavily modified humans (like myself) could potentially access these fields and, with a lot of work, project their own. Even with a heavy amount of dedication it would be very difficult to project as well as an omnic and would at best be compared to speaking with a heavy accent.

Hi, I'm Whirl, thanks for checking out the website! I've put a lot of time into it, so I appreciate you getting this far. In true Sombra fashion, there's a few secrets hidden throughout, I hope you have fun finding them.If you googled '344xAzucar' after reading 'The Hero of Numbani,' I hope you aren't too disappointed that you've found a fanpage and not the next Sombra ARG.Here's some important roleplay notes:

  • I'm happy to write with anybody! Send me a DM if you'd like to plot, I don't bite!

  • Sombra will react badly to being touched, and will not form meaningful relationships easily. She will make friends on a surface level. It took her six months to hold hands with @RYUUBUSHIN, and nearly a year for her to call him her boyfriend. (This is also a secret. Your character should only know about this if you've had a thread with us where they find out.)

  • If your character doesn't have a reason to know her name, please don't refer to her with it. The only person that should know her name Is Zarya. Lynx-17 and Volskaya could also potentially know Sombra's name, but I'll leave that up to any Lynx or Volskaya writers.

  • I walk a fine line between accurately portraying Sombra and ruining roleplays. I won't do anything drastic without asking you first.

  • I prefer to write in threads as opposed to indirect tweeting on the timeline. It's cleaner and easier to read back so I remember what's going on.

"This OOC info makes you seem like a bitch."

  • please write with me

secret funky meme storage

this is just a png of sombra's hair for me to slap onto things lmao

this is just a png of sombra's hair for me to slap onto stuff



Lena 'Tracer' Oxtonoverwatch has traumatized a lot of children but she's probably their favorite
joined the RAF as a teen, became a top pilot, got invited to test the OWX-01 Slipstream
her and the plane vanished, she came back a few months later suffering from "chronal dissassociation" which, from what i've dug up, just means 'involuntary time travel' and that's pretty wild
winston "winston" winston made her a chronal accelerator that both keeps her anchored in the now and lets her control small leaps through time. i grabbed the blueprints and made the translocator. yoink!

her first mission after the slipstream was the null-sec invasion of london, she took out a ton of null-sec bots and rescued a bunch of hostages. wasn't a sanctioned mission, she didn't have any issues with that.
a few years down the road she had her first stint leading a squad, this was the havana incident where maximilien was compromised. i still think he talked, given three weeks later her same crew just so happens to find and apprehend doomfist in singapore. he kicked her ass and sent her hurtling through time by breaking her accelerator. eeesh
she's been playing vigilante since overwatch was shut down and was (of course) the first one to answer the recall. as a result she's been suuuuper annoying. she was at the museum when reaper and widowmaker were on asset recovery for doomfist's gauntlet and she also interfered with the mondatta hit.

aww, she used to be cool, it's a shame she's boring now

i got her 2021 annual 'fuck'

she has a girlfriend named emily that she lives with in london. for what it's worth, i am officially recommending AGAINST giving her the widowmaker treatment, i think that line doesn't need to be crossed again. there's easier, less resource-intensive, less horrible ways to kill a person.

imagine if your best friend was literally a gorilla LMAOOOO pack it up jane goodall



cole cassidy, 37 years old, former deadlock/overwatch/blackwatch, lost his arm in a freak blender accidentdropped out of school when he was 15 and drifted around looking for work, hit a couple of big industrial farm jobs before falling in with elizabeth ashe and helping her found deadlock. they did too well, overwatch swooped in and offered cassidy a spot on their secret hit squad, and by 'offered' i mean 'threatened him with life in a max security prison if he didn't agree'

joined blackwatch, shaped up, got freaked when reyes started executing prisoners, transferred to bodyguard work on the echo project when blackwatch got burnedwhen ana amari disappeared they assigned him to track her down, figure this was probably his breaking point.went off the radar, did some vigilante justice, did enough to get a pretty decent bounty on his head, may or may not be doing some journalism under the alias "joel morricone," he's not very secretivehere's the thing. he's not as fired up as he used to be. i figure vigilante work is his last-ditch effort to be someone useful after he got burned so badly, but seems to me like he just wants to be left alone. that houston train job where he killed a dozen grunts? he punted the damn thing off the train so he could finish his ride in peace. didn't care if we got our hands on it or not.he's not going to cause problems unless we kick the hornet's nest. as long as it doesn't directly involve him, it's likely he won't intervene.




vivian chase, codename sojourn, 50, former CAF/overwatch captaingot her first cybernetics at 13 to treat an autoimmune disease and hasn't stopped since, enlisted at 16 when the age requirement went downwas auto-promoted to captain when the crisis hit and the CAF lost 5% of their forces in one dayoverwatch showed up and saved her squad during a civilian extraction, she returned the favor by helping them take out the detroit omnium

the CAF very briefly made the decision to put her on leave because they throught her cybernetics made her a traitor (because that's how that works, i guess?)overwatch made her an informal offer as leverage to get her back into the CAF, she didn't end up joining until the crisis resolvedmost of the cybernetics she has now were given to her by dr mina liao

she has a twin sister named valentine and a niece named bonnie, both were with her when the crisis broke out. bonnie has cybernetic legs due to injuries sustained on the first day of the crisis



you didn't think it would be that easy, did you?

📃eye of the storm.txt


written for #OWRPHalloween, Day 19- "Eye of the Storm"

The older woman holds up a chunk of an omnic, explaining to the group “this is what you’re looking for. If an omnic was a person, it would be the back of their neck, okay?”The group listening are all ages, the oldest ones are about the same age as the greying woman giving instructions, the youngest are Olivia’s age, young children. She watches, and she’s scared, but she knows she can be strong. She doesn’t really have a choice.“You’re looking for this port here,” she points, “you’re going to plug the cable into that, and then you’re going to press the button on the back of your hand. Easy enough, right?”“The hard part is getting on top of the omnic,” someone says in a joking tone, but nobody really laughs.“Well, yeah, but once you do, it’s easy.”They start out as a group- adults and teens and children, moving in a pack. The leader instructs them to watch when they spot a lone omnic on patrol. She waits for it to turn, then leaps from cover to jam the connector into the port. It’s anticlimactic; the omnic simply shuts down and slumps over.“Help me move this,” she calls, “we’ll use it to practice.”‘Practice’ consists of the leader rebooting the omnic with its weapons in a locked state. It’s only ever online for a minute or so before the next in line plugs in and offlines it. The leader calls out “good” each time the omnic slumps over again.After Olivia’s turn, she shuffles over and asks the leader “how does it work?”The leader looks over to the kid under her wing for now, gesturing to the backpack she wears. “The box in there has a payload that you’re sending to the omnic, that’s what the wire is connected to. When you press that button, it makes a copy and uploads it to the omnic. Have you ever been really sick? It’s like that.”“You’re making the omnic sick?”“Sort of! The payload has a lot of viruses, each one does something different.”Olivia nods to show the leader she’s smart and understands, but still she has more questions. “Where do the viruses come from?”“People program them. Omnics are computers, and computers rely on instructions to function, so we write new instructions. We can tell an omnic to stop shooting, to stop walking, to stop moving.”“Could we tell it to shoot other omnics?”“We could, but that’s a much harder program to write.”“I want to do it,” Olivia says firmly, “show me how.”



written for #OWRPHalloween, Day 18- "Overgrowth"

Scavengers were more common than not after the Crisis; most were acting out of necessity, and a lot of the culture had stuck around. Some made it a part of themselves, adopting lifestyles around it, others wanted a foot in each world and would hide their identities with hoods and masks.Sombra was definitely in the latter group.She didn’t have a reason to be here. Not a good one. It was an annual trip and she told herself it was to make sure there was nothing identifiable left. Each year the home was a little different, a little worse off, and nearly 25 years of pilgrimages allowed her to see nature reclaiming the ruins of her past life.Things would always be in different places. The house had long since been looted; after Quetzalcoatl destroyed the small city everything had been picked to the bones. It painted a picture and then wrote in permanent marker “NOBODY LIVES HERE.”There was a sort of game in trying to find the mattress that had accidentally saved her life. It was too heavy for one person to move, too destroyed by weather to be worth salvaging, and so it stayed. Sometimes it would be near the house, or across the rubble in a new spot, or maybe leaned up against the remains of a wall, all signs that somebody had tried and failed to use it for something.Most of the rubble has given way to flora by now. Grass peaks through the foundations of the building, larger plants outside the house spill inside with nobody to stop them.She doesn’t remember what it looked like before Quetzalcoatl destroyed it. She likes to think it was bright and colorful and smelled like bread. She doesn’t know who baked the bread, because when she tries to think of her parents there’s nothing. Not sadness or joy or anything wistful, just a brick wall where her thoughts should be.She’s fine with that. There’s enough broken walls around here; it’s best if this one stays.

📃trick or treat.txt


written for #OWRPHalloween, Day 2- "Trick or Treat"

It’s so much fun to watch the way Volskaya’s frown deepens when she sees Sombra sitting where her date should be. This is the sort of posh, upscale restaurant where elbows on the table are generally frowned upon, but judging by the way the hacker in the sleek purple dress has her chin propped up on one hand, she doesn’t seem to mind one bit.Volskaya knows it’s too late to leave. They’ve already made eye contact, and there’s no doubt that Sombra would find a much less pleasant way to have this meeting- maybe with a higher kill count than last time. The waiter shows her to the table, and Volskaya sits down with all the irritation of a woman scorned.For a moment neither of them say anything. Volskaya’s lip curls as she looks at Sombra’s far-too-casual posture for the environment and situation, and finally she says. “You catfished me.”“You-” Sombra taps the table once, “-sent someone to kill me.”The CEO’s voice is dripping with contempt as she picks up the drink menu. “How very unfortunate that only one of these plans worked.”The cat-that-ate-the-canary smirk never leaves Sombra’s face. “You’re playing a game that you’re very, very bad at.” The menu doesn’t budge, but Sombra doesn’t miss the way Volskaya’s knuckles turn a little paler. “You’re a smart woman, but you played all of your cards wrong. So now it’s my turn.”The menu is sat down, and Sombra relishes in how controlled the movement is- she knows Volskaya wants so badly to slam it on the table. “Why did you bring me here, 𝘧𝘳𝘪𝘦𝘯𝘥?”“I just needed to make things very clear. There isn’t an easy way out of this, mijita, but you’re making it way harder on yourself. You send somebody after me, I send them right back with a confused moral compass.All you have to do-” Sombra leans forward, taking Volskaya’s hand in her own, and her grin only widens as Volskaya’s breath catches. The faux reassurance in her voice hardly serves to calm Volskaya's nerves. “-is keep doing your thing. It’s not difficult. If I need a favor, I’ll give you a call.”The steel blue gaze burns as Volskaya stares at Sombra’s hand over hers. Sombra doesn’t break the contact, and her gaze doesn’t leave Volskaya’s face.“I won’t play nice next time, mijita. You try anything else, there won’t be a warning. I have other people that can play your role.”Sombra squeezes Volskaya’s hand like it’s something comforting, but all it serves to do is deepen her frown. “I’ll keep in touch.”And she’s gone, like nobody was ever there, and Volskaya is left alone at a table for two.

📃fight or flight.txt


written for #OWRPHalloween, Day 4- "Fight or Flight"

Sombra isn’t really one to have debts to her name, whether in cash or in favors, but Los Muertos is the exception. If she gets word they need something done, she’ll happily oblige. Usually she deals in information- blackmail, schematics, security credentials- but today is a bit different. Today she happens to be in town, and they happen to need someone who can get in and out of a building unseen.Sombra is very good at being unseen.Getting in was no problem at all, getting out will be even easier. Translocator dropped by the getaway car. When she has what she needs, she’ll leave, and nobody will ever know she was there.Or that was the plan, anyways- she’s still cloaked when the door to the file room (ugh, hard copies) is thrown open, a group of guards filing in to find whatever tripped their sensors. Apparently this place takes things seriously.“Someone’s in here. Find them, kill them.”Hidden in plain sight, invisible against an empty wall, Sombra raises a brow. Clearly this isn’t any old suit they’re dealing with- it makes getting into that filing cabinet all the more important. No running just yet.One of the guards looks her way, tilting his head. He shakes it once, like he’s trying to clear it, and Sombra watches him very closely as his eyes narrow through a balaclava. She knows what to look for, but it takes a keen eye to spot the human-shaped distortions in brick walls.He steps closer, gun raised. “Someone’s here,” and Sombra knows he’s close enough now to see shapes- shoulders, arms, hands, head.When fight or flight kicks in, Sombra’s first choice is always flight. She has things to do and isn’t done here yet, so no sense getting into fights she doesn’t need to be in.But when flight fails- when a translocator doesn’t give a response when signaled, she’s happy to fight. Machine pistol in one hand, 3C on the readout- 60 shots. That’s plenty.14 straight into the head of the guard looking at her, he’s down, and her stealth is broken. Before the others can really react, she’s already got 20 more into the next guard and rushed the third, ramming the butt of his pistol into his head and finishing the job with six more shots.14 on the readout, 20 shots. Anybody counting would be fooled by the hexadecimal.The fourth guard gets a shot off- it’s way off the mark. By the time he’s aimed properly, Sombra’s already gotten ten shots off and he slumps down.There’s a third choice when it comes to fight or flight, and while it’s the lesser-mentioned it is the most-often found and what the fifth guard has decided on. He’s frozen against the door, hand scrambling for the handle as some part of him tries to find the instinct to flee.Sombra shrugs and says “disculpe,” and the apology is followed by her last ten shots.She has to pick her way over the bodies to get back to the filing cabinet and finish her job. Getting out is going to be a lot less fun now.



I want you to know this is me talking to you, and not me lying to you.I lie a lot. You know that. But that's not really relevant here. The point is that I'm writing this letter in one go, on paper, so you can tell if I changed anything. I don't plan on changing anything, but you'll know if I did, because paper is messy.This is messy. We're messy. I'm messy. I don't need to tell you that. This whole gift is messy. Part of me hopes you'll open it, part of me hopes you don't. There isn't a right answer, though, so don't worry too much about that. Don't turn back now. Keep reading.Maybe you're reading this in the future, in a moment of weakness, and maybeThe paper here is weak from writing being rewritten and erased multiple times.Sorry. I just didn't know what to say. I was writing about where we might be in the future, and I just can't commit to verbalizing anything. I want to. I really do want to. The cynic in me says we live in a world where people don't get to have things like happy endings. You know what I mean, right? People like us. We die, or we fake our deaths and we spend the rest of our lives lonely.I'm just talking myself out of this. It doesn't matter. Let me try again. One go, I promised.I would really like to imagine that whenever you open this, we're happy. Maybe I'm making fun of you for waiting so long. Maybe- I hope not- you're opening this because you're coming after me. Sorry, I shouldn't have written that, but I won't erase it. I know you're too good to do that, even to me.Maybe this letter fell into the wrong hands and I'm screwed, but I hope you'll treat it more carefully than that.I'm getting off track again. I'm stalling, maybe? I don't know. I'll get it right this time:Whenever you open this, I hope we're happy and I hope I'm nearby waiting to see what you say. I also hope you make a really good face at this part, because I'm sure I'm making a really good one while I'm writing it:I love you.
-Olivia Colomar



Welcome to the fourth year of #OWRPHalloween! Post your take on these prompts and use #OWRPHalloween to see what everyone else is up to. These are totally up to your interpretation! Threads, solos, art, it's all fair game!

1. Deal with the Devil
2. Fortune Teller
3. Mask
4. Transformation
5. Bad Blood
6. Nightmare
7. Omen



Day 1- Powerless



Recovery is always the worst part of cybernetics. Worse still is recovery without the cybernetics to look forward to; all pain, no gain.The ache in her side is a constant. The gunshot wound had been given a few days to heal, though she’s done nothing to help in her inability to decide where to recover. Initially she had gone to her chopshop, the place she always recovered after an installation, with the excuse that she might as well get a new mod if she was going to be in recovery anyways.That didn’t happen. She got scared and she ran home to her boyfriend. How embarrassing.In the end she’s in bed, taking painkillers three times a day and staving the pain off with sleep. Genji brings her water and snacks and affection and apologies and she accepts three of those things.Was it technically his fault? Sure, as much as it was hers, as much as it was anyone else who happened to be in the room. Things happen. She tells him not to feel guilty about it, and that she’s thankful he got her out of there and got her help.She doesn’t remember it well. She remembers suddenly being on the floor, she remembers flashes of green and screams as something otherworldly defends him and her. She remembers Genji, though not the look on his face. Bits and pieces of events leading up to her waking up in a strange place, but safe with Genji by her side.It’s only in nightmares that she realizes how much she really remembers. Her ‘what-ifs’ manifest into something tangible; she’s on her own, Genji’s not there to help her, and she begs herself to wake up from the nightmare before she finds out what happens at the end. Worse still, she’s partnered with someone who won’t help her-- Reaper, barely sparing her a glance before wisping out the door. Moira, lamenting a lost opportunity before doing the same. Sigma, his focus on things far more important than one body in a door.The nightmare that does her in is one where she’s not even the one dying.Sombra kills the power; only the emergency lights are still on. She's a sucker for special effects.So close to the door, she gets a hand on it to push it open, and then there's a gunshot.The power starts back up– lights and loud noises from the games, sudden and overwhelming.Genji is crumpled at the door.The sound of the shot pierces the air in those last milliseconds of silence, and time practically slows to a crawl.Sombra can feel it — the bullet cutting through the air as it passes her, so close. Whatever she shouts is drowned out by the sudden return of power, the screaming, a second shot that grazes her shoulder implants.There’s nothing she can do. There’s nothing she can do. There’s nothing she can do.He's awake, but shaking and staring off. Flares of green, his visor is too bright and too dim all at once. His hand clutches his side, masking whatever's taken him down.More than anything, he looks scared.Her own hands are trembling as she places one over his. Her expression is one thing — guilt. Her voice is an unsteady rasp.“You’re dying.”The lights flicker overhead.“I don’t know what to do.”It almost sounds like she’s saying it to herself more than him. Everything goes silent around them.“There’s nothing I can do.”She runs. She leaves him there. She wakes up with a sob.She doesn’t mention it to him.

Day 3- Sunken



“This is nice!”“Chatter.”“No, really, the weather is gorgeous, the water is smooth, the reflection of the moon is picturesque. It’s really romantic of you to take me here, jefe.”Chatter.”Sombra cackles, feet up on her desk. The ship sways peacefully, she watches the sunrise while the divers suit up. Her job is mostly done; she found the black box signal and now the grunts can go fetch. She thinks the Reaper looks particularly out of place on a boat, but the cover of night gives him a couple of extra points.When she glances up and sees the sky turning a light gray, she realizes she must have dozed off. A shadow in the doorway, no need for comms, “You’re up. Can’t get into the shipwreck to extract, gonna need you to pull the intel remotely.”“From here?” Her feet swing down from the desk, pins and needles crawl up her spine as the blood starts flowing again. “Only the beacon goes this far, the intel would need to be short-range.”She swears she can hear him grin, toothy and wide and self-satisfied, but all she sees is the stupid overdramatic owl mask. “Guess you’d better suit up, then. Get up close and personal. Get the job done.”“Are you joking?”The way he cracks his neck a little too far to the right is all the answer she needs; he’s not really the joking type. She pushes herself up and shoves past him, grumbling about the need for a submarine.---Talon’s apparently hired professional divers to lead the grunts, and though Sombra doesn’t do orders very well, she’s not about to screw around when it comes to the abyss that is the ocean. She lets the two men guide her and the two grunts flank her, following their instructions to the letter, the unknown eldritch horrors of the ocean scratching at the back of her mind. Protective gear keeps any water from touching her implants; she thinks one slip-up would fry her circuits.So she behaves as they lead her to the shipwreck. As they get closer she raises them on comms, “I’ve got a signal, six o’clock,” and the group turns that way.The yacht is huge. Nobody needs that much space, she thinks, but maybe it’s reassuring on the water. Even the military boat Talon has them on feels too small.She feels too small.She keeps looking over her shoulder, and she can only see as far as their lights extend. This far down at this time of night, it’s hopeless to ask for more. Anything could be out there-- the thought spurns her on to work faster.The security on the box is lax; it’s made to be recovered.“I got it.”Reaper doesn’t do praise, so instead he says “copy the harddrives while you’re there,” and she groans.“They’re waterlogged.”“So’s the box,” he drawls, followed by “not scared of a little water, are you? No excuses.”She grumbles, but she gets to work. There’s three computers, she can get it done quickly even from outside the boat. Debris blocks the windows and keeps her from getting inside and getting a good look around, but she can access the computers remotely just like the blackbox.There’s a shrill beep over comms, Sombra’s head snaps up to look around. “Someone’s signal just went offline.”“Foxtrot,” the lead diver orders while the second diver sweeps a light over the group, “report in.”There’s an eerie silence as the group- five, now down to four- waits for a response. Sombra knows one isn’t coming; his comm is down.The light sweeps around them, but all they see is scrap and plants and a few startled fish. The grunt is nowhere to be seen.“Man down,” the other grunt reports, “no sign of ‘em.”The two divers exchange a look. Sombra has the distinct feeling of being watched, of a presence that wasn’t there previously. The ship creeks eerily and that’s when Sombra’s the one to make the decision. “We’re surfacing.”“We’re down a man.”“Then he shouldn’t have wandered off,” she snaps back, “salgamos de aquí. Time to go.”The divers either share the uneasiness she does or they’re paid too much to argue with her.It feels like it takes too long for them to get to the surface, like the ocean is getting bigger the farther they swim. It’s frustrating. It feels like they’re being followed. Sombra wonders if it’s just paranoia, but she can’t bring herself to look over her shoulder.When they finally surface she’s quick to clamber back on the boat. Reaper watches them worldlessly, she offers little more than a sideglance.When she walks past him he turns on his heel to follow her. “Awfully quiet.”“Got the job done, didn’t I?”“Mnghn. Lost a man in the process. Any explanation?”“He wandered off and the line went dead. That’s all I’ve got.”When Reaper gets too close to her and she could swear he’s teasing when he asks “Think there’s something down there?”She snips back “Why don’t you go find out” and shuts the door in his face.

Day 4- Seance



Cy had mentioned that Sombra needed to try standing every now and then, and that she needed to take short walks once she felt up to it. She warned her not to push too hard (and though she always said that, she emphasized it this time).Sombra had agreed, though she hadn’t realized the issues. Short walks weren’t exactly fun, but they weren’t nearly as bad as simply trying to sit up unassisted. That hurt like hell, but she needed to be up and she didn’t want to see Genji’s face when he realized what she was aiming for.She drags her fleshsuit to the office. Makeshift compared to some of her other builds that she’s spent years on, but she’s spent a lot of time setting it up and even more since she officially moved in.Everything a girl needs for a good time.She takes some time to get seated, to get in a good position to plug the cable into the back of her neck. The monitors light up as they online, LEDs power up as she slowly slumps over to get semi-comfortable.It won’t matter in the short term, but she doesn’t want to be too sore after this.She presses enter and her body slumps over.For Sombra, the pain isn’t quite gone, but it registers in a way that doesn’t effect her. It registers as data, the same as the monitors, the lighting in the house, Genji’s phone receiving a text…The data’s there. She dismisses it. He’s immune to her snooping.Time doesn’t pass any faster in here, and while it’s a nice relief from the pain, her thoughts are still bursting at the seams. Distractions are necessary. Snooping on someone else, maybe, but she just can’t get the motivation. Work is annoying and she tries not to serve Talon’s interests at home-- work-life balance is her excuse, but it’s more out of respect for Genji.The longer it takes, the more urgent a distraction becomes necessary. Something. Anything.Maybe Athena can come out to play.

Day 6- Creature



"Well if it isn't hardlight, what is it?"Genji's able to snag a handful of popcorn just as Sombra steals the whole bucket from him. "She is an ancient dragon spirit.""Yeah," Sombra snickers, half of her mouth dedicated to chewing, "sure."


"Scan me," he offers, standing in front of her with his arms outstretched at his sides, "if there's a projector, you'd find it, right?"A hand on one hip, a brow raised and a smirk on her face. "Are you flirting with me?""Yes, but still! Go ahead, run a scan."


They stand on a balcony in France, overlooking the water. Their hands touch on the railing, both of them pretend not to notice.(Hand-holding is still more intimate than sleeping together.)The sky lights up green, Sombra watches in barely-concealed awe.


She leans on his shoulder, exhausted at the day's revelations. The conspiracy web is still projected on the wall, her deepest fears laid bare, and Genji comforts her with the tale of a child meeting a storm god."Do you still think she's a projector?""No. Alien, maybe."


The castle is so old and yet still so full of life even when her and Genji are the only flesh and blood there."She has a way of warding off spirits," Genji explains, and Sombra's too embarrassed to admit that she feels more comfortable when she hears that.


They talk about fearing things you can't see. Genji explains he's afraid of tiny jellyfish, Sombra asks what Hashihime has to say about that, and that's when Genji explains that she and him share feelings.Sombra is, again, embarrassed.


It's early in the morning. Genji's asleep. Sombra goes into the kitchen for a glass of water.There's a dragon there. They stare at each other."...Sorry I called you a projector."


💀: hashihime likes me now 🥰🤠: hanzo prefers em controlled to my knowledge💀: i dont like See her a lot
💀: but genji was asleep and i went to the kitchen and she came with and we had a staredown
🤠: it was her kitchen💀: now its Our kitchen🤠: not that you’ll cook in it


Her thoughts are disjointed, nothing is able to execute. No stealth, no translocator, she realizes the wet feeling at her side is her own blood but she doesn't quite comprehend what that means. She sees Genji talking to her (You’re alright you’re going to be alright I’ve got you you’re okay you will be okay).He scoops her up in his hands. It hurts but she doesn't feel it. Her head lolls against his arm, and as his running jostles Sombra, she catches glimpses of a storm god covering their retreat.

Day 8- Superstition



If you get an error when you first compile, something’s wrong.The sort of work Sombra does requires being overly familiar with several programming languages and operating systems. Her own work is usually done in her custom environment, meant to be deployable just about anywhere else. Basic injections are tested before she fields them; a hack gone wrong can be the difference between life and death.She’s slouched in her chair, cheek squished up on one fist and her eyes half-lidded as she pokes at the keyboard. Sombra’s poking is still way faster than most people typing with two hands, but the action still seems lazy with how tired she is.The first run starts, she stares dead-eyed at the compiler to see what pops up.The program launches without hesitation; nothing shows in the debugger.Sombra sits right up, posture perfect, and narrows her eyes at the computer.If you don’t get any errors when you first compile, something is very wrong.

Day 9- Crypt


Each hideout is a little different from the last. Some are shipping containers and storage units, some are rented rooms, some are cookie-cutter houses in the suburbs, some are entire warehouses.(Sombra is partial to the warehouses; the super villain vibe is always fun.)Often the first consideration for a safehouse is location. Travel hubs are always good spots; somewhere easy to run to. Other things like Talon bases and people of interest can determine the need for a safehouse, and it’s not difficult for her to establish one quickly as needed.It’s easy to tell which houses are used the most. Genji once joked about a ‘monitor test,’ that he could tell how often she was at a place by how many monitors were hooked up to her machine. He said if he ever found a safehouse with only one monitor it would mean something terrible had just happened.Sombra had laughed along, but he was right. After the fiasco with Zarya, Sombra had avoided all of her established safehouses for weeks. Paranoia had set in, she had squirreled herself away in a cash-paid ‘studio apartment’ that was little more than a concrete box of a basement. She stayed off-grid in that time, the only machine running was herself. It was only when the hastily-gotten groceries had started to run out that Sombra began considering that she’d have to emerge eventually.Since then she’s avoided similar hideouts. Nightmares here and there remind her of the little room and self-imposed isolation, walls closing in on her, people looking for her, startling at her own shadow. In the nightmares, she tries to leave and she can’t get past her own stack of locks on the door.Each hideout is a little different from the last. Some are shipping containers and storage units, some are crypts.

Day 12- Devour


There are enough people kissing Akande’s ass. She sees the way his brow creases when they do, so she won’t outright sass him but she’s not exactly formal either.“Everyone has a signature,” she explains, a hand on her hip and the other gesturing to her work, “a personal touch, bien? It shows the community who did the work.”“And yours is the skull.”“Yes.”“And the purple.”“Sí.”“And the…”“Tron lines.”“I see.”Doomfist takes a step to look at the omnic from a new angle. She demonstrates all of the symptoms-- a skull projected in front of her faceplate, purple biolighting to match. She’s stuck in a repeating window-washing motion, arms cycling, and when Akande waves a hand in front of her face she doesn’t respond.“And this ‘signature’ is required?”“No,” she snorts, “of course not. That’s just for demonstration purposes. It’s showing you where the virus is in her systems.”His posture straightens, his nod approving. “And is she aware?”“Not at all,” Sombra shakes her head, “out like a light, won’t remember a thing.”His gaze moves to her, his gaze unreadable when he says “not unlike the crisis.”The moment feels much longer than it is.“Except I can’t make them self-sustaining,” the explanation is rough, “they aren’t thinking. They find a recent action and loop it.”His gaze doesn’t falter. He’s silent. She knows the tactic; she’s used it. People want to fill silence. She’s no exception.“The virus has three payloads. One is a constant, and that’s looking for open ports to infect. The other two are interchangeable. If there’s a high density of people it will initiate the loop. If there aren’t many people all it will do is add an optical input filter that removes humans.”The longer she speaks, the more the corner of his mouth lifts in the slightest of smiles. “I appreciate people on my team who produce results,” he finally says, and Sombra relaxes.“Please.”Both humans turn their heads to look at the omnic. Her arms are still cycling. The joints are beginning to creak. Sombra thinks that if the omnic could form an expression it might be desperate.“Please. Please. Please. Please.”“Old speech file playing,” Sombra decides, though her words are slow, “just a coincidence.”Standing at full height, arms crossed, brow furrowed at the omnic, Doomfist is the picture of intimidation. Sombra’s grateful when he asks “How quickly will it spread?”“By the time you give your speech, jefe, a third of Numbani’s omnic population will be under your control.”

Day 13- Torment



A bat to her knees. An evil smile from her assailant. Sombra grimaces and grumbles “seriously?”“Leave her alone, Sombra.”“Me?!” She’s incredulous, scoffing at the admonishment. “I’m the one being attacked!”Cassidy’s got a book in one hand and an infant on his knee. One-year-old Ahmya is quiet, behaved, her fingers busied with the hem of Cassidy’s shirt.Nearly three-year-old Akiko is laughing excitedly and whacking Sombra with a bright yellow plastic bat. The victim curls her legs up on the couch, frowning. “Where’s the discipline, mijo?”He glances up from his book, reading glasses resting on the tip of his nose. “Now I know your ass ain’t stupid enough to parent-shame me in my own home. Feet off the sofa.”Sombra groans, long and loud, and drops her legs back down. A new approach is in order; she takes Akiko under the armpits and pulls her up to sit on the couch. “There. Is this what you want?”Akiko just squeals a happy laugh and yanks on Sombra’s hair.

(featuring @CowboyEmm and his kiddos. :) )

Day 14- Exorcism



She’s sat cross-legged on the bed, back against the headboard. Genji’s stretched across the length of it, his head resting in her lap. A cable is plugged into his neck, pouring over her knee and looped over itself until it climbs up her side and the other end is plugged into the same spot in her neck.“Just relax,” she purrs, a hand carding through his hair as his eyes slowly shut. He exhales heavily, doing his best to follow instructions, and Sombra isn’t quite sure if she said it out loud or if she just projected the sentiment to him through the shared connection.Line by line she works through him, through the limbs that have worked so hard to attune themselves to him, through Athena’s well-intentioned meddling.Athena had wanted to keep him safe. Sombra could appreciate that, but in the end, all the AI did was put him in more danger. They had a plan for a scenario like this; when work gets in the way, she’d apply a simple hack to keep him down, and then she would run.Instead, Genji had too many eyes on him and a hefty firewall courtesy of Athena; he had been forced to attempt an arrest. Sombra hadn’t put up too much of a fight-- New Overwatch isn’t the kind to treat their prisoners roughly, and she expects she could break out within a few hours.She had been fine with it. Reaper, however, was not as fine with it, and Genji lost his prosthetic arm in the ensuing fight.The Blackwatch-era arm is old. It’s compatible, but it’s attuned to a Genji that was more aggressive, more forceful, quick to anger and quicker to kill.Sombra smooths the edges. Parameters are adjusted quickly rather than being forced to re-learn what it takes to keep up with the rest of the body. It’s attuned to a Genji that smiles and laughs and makes that stupid face when he looks at her. She teaches it that the only anger here is the righteous sort that values a measured hand rather than a furious one.Numbers pulled from the legs and from the torso, from the data they send throughout his body, balancing everything to make it work in harmony.She begins to pull back, her awareness pulls her back to the bedroom. Her gaze falls on him; his eyes are still closed but his smile is soft, comfortable, and relaxed.“Okay,” she says, and he responds with his own “okay.”His eyes open slowly, gaze drifting to her, and he makes that stupid face.

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